5nine Software объявляет о выпуске 5nine P2V Hyper-V Planner, и бесплатной версии 5nine P2V Hyper-V Planner


15.06.2009 |



The first virtualization migration solution specifically designed for enterprise P2V Hyper-V deployment projects

Holmdel, NJ, USA, June 15, 2009. - 5nine Software today announced the release of 5nine P2V Hyper-V Planner, and 5nine P2V Hyper-V Planner Free Edition - the first virtualization migration planning solutions specifically designed for enterprise P2V Hyper-V deployment projects.

"More and more businesses are looking to utilize Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology in their data centers to reduce costs and optimize resources, especially in challenging economic times. Successful virtualization initiatives require upfront planning and ongoing project assessment to measure and maximize the return on investment." - said Konstantin Malkov, R&D Director of 5nine Software. "Today we are glad to announce the most comprehensive virtualization planning and assessment solution for Microsoft Hyper-V."

"5nine P2V Hyper-V Migration Planner is an easy to use, but powerful Virtualization Migration planning solution. It drastically simplifies the effort for virtualization planning and assessment, creating optimal migration plans based on CPU, Memory, I/O and storage utilization, also minimizing total cost of ownership. This translates into a significant return on investment in a time when managing costs is paramount."- said Henry Bayard, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Easylink Services Corporation.

5nine P2V Hyper-V Planner offers the following features:

  • Automated P2V Hyper-V Migration Planning – Performs sophisticated analysis of the current data center and provides multiple migration plans depending on particular enterprise requirements. Optimized placement of virtualized workloads is based on business requirements, technology (memory, storage and CPU utilization, security) and TCO/ROI.
  • Agentless Data Collection – Automatically discovers and collects hardware inventory, utilization data and application performance metrics in a non-intrusive manner without installing agents. It also allows importing this information from an Excel or XML file.
  • Simple-to-Use – The product was designed to be used for projects of all sizes - from small virtualization pilot or SMB projects to large enterprise projects with hundreds of servers, hosts and virtual machines (VMs).
  • Integrated TCO/ROI Reporting - P2V Planner creates a variety of technology assessment, workload and TCO/ROI reports for each migration plan, for easy comparison and decision making.
  • Ongoing Value – Whether your P2V Hyper-V migration project is complete or ongoing, the Planner continues to provide value by optimizing the workloads and resource utilization in a virtualized data center.

The current version of the product supports Microsoft Hyper-V, while subsequent releases will support multiple virtualization platforms, including VMware P2V planning, as well as actual P2V conversion in accordance with the P2V migration plans created.

Pricing and Availability

5nine P2V Hyper-V Planner Free Edition is available immediately, and it’s free for any Microsoft Hyper-V environment

P2V Hyper-V Planner is also available immediately, with North American pricing starting at $59.00 USD per physical server. More information, including free trial downloads, is available at http://www.5nine.com/

About 5nine Software

5nine Software helps organizations to safeguard their investment in virtual infrastructure by providing innovative systems management solutions designed to reduce costs, increase productivity and mitigate risks. 5nine offers suite of P2V tools such as 5nine P2V Hyper-V Planner and 5nine P2V Hyper-V Planner Free Edition.

5nine is an international company with its U.S. headquarters in New Jersey. 5nine is rapidly expanding its presence and its partner network around the world, and will continue to offer innovative and practical solutions to help IT professionals better plan and manage their virtual infrastructures.

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