5nine Software объявляет о выпуске 5nine Virtual Firewall для Microsoft Hyper-V


23.06.2009 |

Холмдел, Нью-Джерси, США, 23 июня 2009 года



The first Virtual Firewall for Microsoft Hyper-V works on hypervisor level, improves the security of a virtualized environment.

Holmdel, NJ, USA, June 25, 2009. - 5nine Software today announced the release of 5nine Virtual Firewall for Microsoft Hyper-V - the first free virtual firewall for Microsoft Hyper-V which works on hypervisor level similar to VMware VMsafe. 5nine Virtual Firewall controls network traffic, detects malicious attacks and improves the security of a virtualized environment.

5nine Virtual Firewall provides an ability to monitor and control network traffic between virtual machines and external (physical) network. System Administrator can define the rules for different types of traffic coming to/from virtual machines, as well as the ports used. By controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic for each Hyper-V virtual machine 5nine Virtual Firewall helps to improve the security of a virtual environment. Virtual Firewall keeps statistics for number of packets and average size of each packet. Based on this statistics Virtual Firewall creates a network usage pattern, and notifies the user if it has changed, which often indicates malicious attack or a Malware. System Administrator subsequently can take an action to block suspicious traffic.

More and more companies, including those of highly regulated financial, insurance and healthcare industries, are looking to utilize Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology to reduce costs and optimize IT resources. Security and compliance are increasing concerns for broad range of virtualization deployments. 5nine Virtual Firewall provides additional protection for the virtual infrastructure, along with conventional perimeter and Windows firewalls.

Features and Benefits:

  • Controls Network Traffic – Using intuitive GUI an administrator can define various firewall rules to allow or restrict various types of network traffic coming from the external network to Hyper-V virtual machines, or vise versa.
  • Improves Virtualization Security – Network activity data is collected by 5nine Virtual Firewall into a database. The average amount of network packets, average size of the packets and the traffic amount data are continuously calculated. User gets alerted on the network traffic deviations that may indicate possible Malware activation on virtual machine(s).
  • Host Level Solution – Virtual Firewall does not require installation of agents, services or drivers on the monitored virtual machines.
  • Simple to use Web GUI - 5nine Virtual Firewall has intuitive web-based user interface, allowing reviewing network traffic logs for each Hyper-V virtual machine, set rules/filters and review traffic reports. Virtual Firewall Management component (Web Console) gets installed on one of Hyper-V virtual machines, which allows System Administrator to access rules, logs and reports using only browser.

The first version of 5nine Virtual Firewall monitors and controls the traffic between Hyper-V virtual machines and external network (and vice versa). Subsequent versions of the Virtual Firewall will allow monitoring and filtering traffic between virtual machines as well.

Pricing and Availability

5nine Virtual Firewall is available immediately, and it’s free for any Microsoft Hyper-V environment.

About 5nine Software

5nine Software helps organizations to safeguard their investment in virtual infrastructure by providing innovative systems management solutions designed to reduce costs, increase productivity and mitigate risks. 5nine offers suite of P2V tools such as 5nine P2V Hyper-V Planner and 5nine P2V Hyper-V Planner Free Edition.

5nine is an international company with its U.S. headquarters in New Jersey. 5nine is rapidly expanding its presence and its partner network around the world, and will continue to offer innovative and practical solutions to help IT professionals to better plan and manage their virtual infrastructures.