5nine Software анонсирует выпуск 5nine Optimizer 1.0 для Hyper-V и VMware


30.09.2009 |

Холмдел, Нью-Джерси, США, 30 сентября 2009 года

New Product Helps Customers Reduce Cost of Over-provisioned Virtual Environments and Increase Consolidation Ratio utilizing Trend Analysis and "What If" Modeling

Holmdel, NJ, USA, September 30, 2009. - 5nine Software today announced 5nine Optimizer 1.0, a powerful and easy-to-use software solution for virtual environment analysis and optimization. The new product helps customers reduce cost of over-provisioned multi-hypervisor virtual environments, and increase hardware utilization utilizing advanced trend analysis and "What If" modeling.

5nine Optimizer continuously analyzes virtualized data center environment including hosts, physical and virtual machines, and provides trend reporting, automated workload optimization as well as "What If" modeling. "What If" modeling includes the analysis of "What if I add a VM(s)" and "What if I add a host" scenarios further facilitating planning and optimization.

5nine Optimizer is integrated with 5nine P2V Planner, and two products together represent a comprehensive solution for P2V migration planning and optimization of a virtual environment. 5nine P2V Planner provides P2V VMware and P2V Hyper-V virtualization planning and delivers side-by-side comparative analysis of Hyper-V and VMware migration plans from the technology, TCO and ROI perspectives.

"To mitigate the risks of a new virtualization technology early VMware and Hyper-V deployments are characterized by lower consolidation ratio and over-provisioning of hardware resources." - said Konstantin Malkov, R&D Director of 5nine Software. "In today’s economic environment enterprise customers are looking to do more with what they already have, looking to optimize the hardware utilization to avoid the cost of buying new servers and storage. 5nine Optimizer is designed specifically to help them with this optimization analysis."

"This is a great tool for P2V migration, capacity planning and optimization, which is very important as in many cases virtualization hosts are either under-or over-provisioned. I especially like the automated optimization wizards and integrated TCO and ROI reports for each of the migration or virtual environment optimization plans" – said Paolo Catalano, Senior Systems Administrator, AMA, Canada.

5nine Optimizer offers the following features and benefits:

  • Continuous proactive analysis – of your data center and virtual environment
  • Workload and utilization reports – for virtualization hosts, virtual and physical machines
  • Long and short-term utilization trends
  • Real-time workload and utilization alerts - to reduce virtualization administration costs and receive early notifications about potential performance problems
  • "What-If" analysis and reports
  • Automated P2V Hyper-V and VMware P2V / V2V wizards - to optimize your Virtual environment providing suggested migration plans for under and/or over-utilized hosts, and integrated TCO/ROI Reports
  • All of the 5nine P2V Planner functionality - which includes easy-to-use automated P2V migration planning and side-by-side comparison of Hyper-V and VMware migration plans

Additionally 5nine Software announced the availability of a new White Paper titled: "Hyper-V or VMware: 11 Things You Should Know" written by David Davis, Director of TrainSignal.com

Pricing and Availability

5nine Optimizer for Hyper-V is available immediately with North American pricing starting at $249.00 USD per CPU socket. 5nine Optimizer for VMware is currently in beta, and is scheduled to be released in Q4, 2009. More information, including free trial downloads, is available at http://www.5nine.com/

About 5nine Software

5nine Software is an international company with its U.S. headquarters in New Jersey. 5nine Software helps organizations to safeguard their investment in virtual infrastructure by providing innovative systems management solutions designed to reduce costs, increase productivity and mitigate risks. 5nine offers the suite of P2V migration and virtualization management tools including 5nine Optimizer, 5nine P2V Hyper-V and P2V VMware Planner, 5nine P2V Hyper-V Planner Free Edition, and 5nine Virtual Firewall for Hyper-V.